Facebook Supervisory Board, another name, Facebook High Judicial Council, took office. The decisions made by this board will be final and nobody, including Mark Zuckerberg, will be able to appeal.

Facebook, which has a number of 2 billion users, introduced board members consisting of 20 people. Announced by CEO Zuckerberg about 1 year ago, the board will work on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Supervisory Board on duty
In a statement made by Facebook, the board, which will act independently, was announced. This team of 20 people will review violations on Facebook and Instagram and make decisions. These decisions will recognize certainty, and nobody, including Zuckerberg, will object to the decision.

Mark Zuckerberg, who announced the board almost a year ago, started the board, which will affect his own decisions. The board, which can make vital decisions on Facebook and Instagram, will have a major impact on the company’s social media platforms.

It is stated that people who have nothing to do with Facebook are selected in the establishment of the Facebook Auditing Board. While this should be the case for transparency, the board also includes former prime minister and scientists from Nobel. A trust fund of 130 million dollars has been determined for the team, which will increase up to 40 people in the future.

Also known as the Facebook High Judicial Council, the board will focus on work on censorship and freedoms.


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