Due to the new iOS 14 operating system, which Apple attaches importance to privacy, Facebook is expected to take Apple-related complaints to court.

After Facebook criticized Apple for a monopoly late last year, the firm is now preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit. The company claims that Apple is doing an injustice by stating that according to sources, Apple does not comply with the App Store rules in its applications.

The feud between the two companies began after Apple announced some privacy changes in the iOS 14 update. The changes make it difficult for large companies like Facebook and Google to track their users. This, naturally, can disrupt the earnings of technology giants. However, Apple notified its users to update the software “as soon as possible” to iOS 14.4, citing vulnerabilities affecting some iPhones and iPads. However, he did not specify what the flaws were. Apparently, Apple is pushing to deliver the iOS version with new privacy features to every user.

Changes to Apple’s software include innovation that allows an iPhone or iPad owner to transparently understand what information to share with apps. Facebook has heavily criticized the Apple side’s update for limiting apps’ ability to collect data from smart devices and use them for advertising more precisely. Apple said in June last year that with the update, it will show a pop-up notification asking iOS users “permission to track data through apps and websites owned by other companies.

According to the leaks after these events, the Facebook case team is preparing for a new hearing. Facebook will sue Apple, claiming that Apple’s enforcement rules unfairly make competition between developer companies difficult. In addition, Facebook clearly states that iMessage is preinstalled on iPhones and iPads, giving it a competitive advantage. It can also be explained during the hearing that this situation has caused it to become the most used messaging service in the United States.

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In a statement made on the subject by Google, it was said that “iOS developers using Google advertising technologies may experience a decrease in their earnings after the iOS 14 privacy update.” In addition, Google Ads group product manager Christophe Combet explained on the company’s blog that changes in the transparency and tracking policies implemented by Apple will also affect advertisers.


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