Facebook is working on a new smartwatch, according to information leaked by people close to the project. The device may be launched next year.

According to The Information report, Facebook is working on a smart watch. The developed smart watch is expected to have both health and messaging features. According to the information received from the names close to the project, the new Facebook smart watch will run the Android operating system.

Facebook’s smartwatch may arrive in 2022
The Information’s report says, based on four anonymous sources close to the project, Facebook plans to add cellular connectivity to its smartwatch so that it can operate without a smartphone. Facebook’s watch may have integration with Messenger. On the health side, the device can allow users to track workouts, communicate with trainers and possibly connect to existing services such as Peloton.

The biggest obstacle for Facebook is that consumers do not trust the company. Even the possibility that the company, which has a bad reputation for data privacy, will launch a smartwatch that can access many personal data of users, brings to mind the problem of trust first.

Facebook, according to the leaked information, is carrying out advanced studies on smart watches. The company plans to launch its first smartwatch next year. The price of the smart watch is expected to be close to the cost fees so that it can compete in the market.


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