Facebook announced in a blog post today that it will start to open funds for users via Instagram. The company also provided information on how this process will work.

Instagram, which is one of the most popular social media platforms of today, is getting a brand new feature. Facebook, the owner of Instagram, started to offer money collection through the platform in the blog post he published. With the new feature, you will be able to raise money for yourself, for your small business, for a friend or for an important reason on Instagram via Instagram.

Facebook has announced that it will begin the Personal Fundraising feature with a small test in the US, UK and Ireland. In addition, in countries where donations can be made through donation stickers, people who receive personal donations can be helped.

Fundraising feature via Instagram

To open the Personal Fundraiser feature, click Edit Profile / Edit Profile and then click Add Fundraiser, then click the Raise Money tab. After these actions, select the photo, identify the donation category, and write down the details of why you collected money.

After dealing with these transactions, the necessary information must be entered for the institution providing money collection service. This company is designated as Stripe for users in the USA. The property does not take place in our country because it is not yet clear which companies will be selected on this issue in Turkey. After you have done all the transactions, you can send the share you opened for donation.

Of course, fundraising will not be open to everyone. After making sure that there are reasons to raise money, an evaluation process will be passed. After this process, money collection will be activated. Fundraising will take 30 days, but the duration can be extended as desired. Also, in order to turn this feature on, you must be at least 18 years old.

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When people send money to your donation account, they can choose not to make the information public. However, people who collect money will be able to see the donor’s username, name and amount of donation. When the fundraising ends, the money collected will be sent to the designated bank account.


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