Facebook News: Social media giant Facebook plans to enter the smartwatch business. Facebook’s new watch will also include a camera. Here are the details.



It turns out that Facebook is trying to expand its hardware ecosystem with the addition of a smartwatch that could launch in the summer of next year. The smartwatch is said to have a display that can be separated from the wrist with two cameras and a heart rate sensor for capturing videos and answering video calls. Facebook seems to breathe new life into the smartwatch segment.

Facebook enters the smartwatch business with a camera

A camera will be in front of the screen and will primarily be used for video calling directly from the smartwatch and will shoot at 1080p. The rear camera, which can be accessed by detaching the screen from the stainless steel bracelet, will have autofocus and will be used for taking photos and videos. Since it was developed by Facebook, users will be able to share these videos and photos directly to Instagram.

As for the software, Facebook is developing a custom version of Google’s Android and it will likely come with custom apps to improve its functionality. The watch is expected to support LTE connectivity so that it can work without connecting to a smartphone. According to rumors; Facebook is working with network operators to sell the smartwatch directly in their stores. In addition, the watch is expected to come in three colors, white, black and gold.

The price of Facebook’s new generation smartwatch is expected to be around $ 400 and it is expected to work in harmony with iOS and Android phones. It seems that Facebook’s camera clock, which has been highly criticized for monitoring its users, will cause great controversy.


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