The NPE team, the R&D department of Facebook, has launched a new application for rap lovers. The application, which can be considered in the testing phase for now, has a use similar to TikTok.

Facebook’s New Product Trial (NPE) team introduced the BARS app targeting rappers. The app will provide a quick and easy way to create and share raps using professionally created beats.

BARS application for rap
Unlike traditional short video sharing apps, Facebook specially designed BARS to create rap-style content. Videos recorded with the application can be up to 60 seconds long and users will be able to save the videos they create or share them on social networks. The app has a Challenge mode built in, where you’ll have free-style skills along with auto-suggested word hints.

“Sound production tools can be complex, expensive, and difficult to use. With BARS, you can choose one of our professionally created rhythms, write lyrics and record them,” Facebook said in a statement. statements were included.

BARS comes with some pre-created content by professional rappers, Facebook’s NPE team, former music producers and publishers. The app is available for download from Apple’s US App Store and is currently available to a small number of iOS users.


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