Facebook, which has been having a hard time for years with both its privacy policy and various lawsuits, continues to lose its users and keeps on the agenda. Finally, Facebook, which attracted the reaction of millions with its WhatsApp policy, broke new ground last week. Millions of iPhone users had trouble logging in to Facebook and had to reenter their username and password. So why? Did Facebook give a red light to millions of iPhone users?



While the waters did not stop on the Facebook front, a statement was made for our country recently. The statement said to you I have said almost in Facebook Turkey. As millions of WhatsApp users switch to other applications, Facebook’s foot has slipped once again.


Facebook Beats iPhone Users

According to the information we obtained, users who tried to log into Facebook automatically on Friday, last week, could not access their accounts. Users who were asked to re-enter their username and password accessed their accounts when they re-entered the information.

Evaluating this as a problem, iPhone users began to investigate this. As a result of our research, we learned that Facebook went through a configuration change on Friday. In addition, we have learned that in the dual verification system, SMS is sent to users late and various problems occur on the SMS side of the system. Users using dual verification have almost reproached on various forums due to their late verification codes.

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Let’s see if Facebook will make a statement on this issue.


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