Social media giant Facebook is preparing to enter the smart watch industry. As many of you know, Facebook is not only a social media platform, but also owns many technological products and applications that we use.



Facebook, which continues to work in this direction, is now working on a smart watch. While Apple continues to dominate the smartwatch market, it wants to get a share of the cake on Facebook.

According to the first information, the Facebook smart watch, which will come with the Android operating system, will use the WearOS operating system. However, this information is not certain. Because Facebook is developing its own hardware and therefore WearOS is working on a special operating system because stabilization problems are known.

It is stated that the smart watch will perform all basic functions such as health, fitness and messaging and will take its place on the shelves in 2022. It is a matter of curiosity how successful Facebook will be in this regard, which is predicted to create an ecosystem in connection with Facebook’s Oculus and Portal devices.

It is a fact that trust in Facebook has dropped significantly, especially considering what WhatsApp has experienced about privacy recently. In addition to all these, it was also on the agenda that Facebook was working on smart glasses in partnership with Ray-Ban.


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