Social media giant Facebook is mad over iOS 14. A new one was added today to Facebook’s statements that constantly denigrate Apple.

Apple, which does not pour water on privacy, raised the issue of privacy with the iOS 14.3 update. Apple, which made it mandatory for apps to explain what data they use in the App Store, annoyed Facebook. Facebook will experience a big drop in advertising revenues, especially with iOS 14. Because Apple prevents the collection of data of its users.

Mark Zuckerberg, who got up when Facebook’s data collection got into trouble, recently gave full-page advertisements to US newspapers and criticized Apple. Tim Cook from Apple responded to this ad, drawing attention to user data and privacy. Today, another breakthrough came from Facebook.

Facebook has now started showing announcements in some iOS apps. In these announcements, the social media giant once again criticizes Apple for the changes in the App Store privacy guidelines. As users access applications such as Facebook Business Suite and Facebook Ads on iOS, they began to see a highlighted message about the “impact on your marketing efforts” at the top of the screen. When they click on this message, notifications pop up on Apple’s platform accusing Apple of attaching importance to privacy.

The fact that Facebook is currently showing these messages criticizing Apple in iOS apps is nothing more than the company wanting to change its mind about Apple’s new App Store privacy rules. This is because Facebook is one of the companies that will be most affected by Apple’s new privacy policies. Because the advertisements offered by the social media giant and the personal data it collects will now be reduced to a minimum.

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Facebook’s criticism of Apple, which is already known about privacy and user data, shows how well Apple made the right decision on this issue. If you are wondering what data Facebook collects with you; Here you can go to App Store page and find out from App Privacy> Show Details section. We cannot include these collected data in our news because it is long like an epic.


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