Facebook Messenger aims to keep its users safe with spam control.Facebook continues to step up security measures for Messenger after introducing several privacy and security features last year, including message forwarding restrictions to prevent the spread of false information.

Before that, the company also introduced an App Lock feature designed to unlock the Messenger app using Face ID or Touch ID. Now, Facebook Messenger offers users more for spam control.

Facebook announced new features in Messenger that will help keep users safe. Chief among these is an innovation that will support the way you handle message requests. The company has added a new way to identify who a spam message is from, with additional context, and a new option to delete messages in bulk. Additionally, a new method that allows you to report abuse or harassment is being tested. Messenger also makes improvements in the way you send feedback to the messages you have reported before.

Facebook has also provided the option to view blocked accounts more transparently in the privacy settings menu. The option to block an account is already more prominent in message requests and security notifications.

In order to ensure the safety of minors, a new capability is being worked on to identify users who send large amounts of messages or friend requests to users under the age of 18. It is underlined that these measures are aimed at preventing abuse or harmful content on Messenger.


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