Facebook removed the video after receiving a complaint of copyright infringement. Previously, Twitter had tagged the same video for displaying “manipulated content.”

The fight between social networks and the President of the United States opens a new chapter.

Facebook removed a video posted on Donald Trump’s account, which shows two young children – one white and one black – hugging on the street. The social network decided to delete the video after one of the parents filed a copyright complaint, since the president was not authorized to use the video.

Jukin Media, the company that represents the parents who own the video, told CNN Business that the president did not have authorization to use the video. The company indicated that it filed the same complaint on Twitter for the social network to remove the video from the platform.

Hours earlier, this same video had been labeled by Twitter as “tampered with,” since the video is a modified version of a CNN video that went viral in 2019, although it was not removed from the platform. In the version of the video shared by the president you can read “Terrified boy runs away from a racist baby” and “The racist baby is probably a Trump voter” next to the CNN logo.

By clicking on the tag applied by Twitter on Trump’s tweet, you can access a link in which the social network clarifies the real origin of the video. “In September 2019, CNN reported a viral video about the friendship between two children. This Thursday, the president shared a version of that video that many journalists have confirmed is edited and manipulated with a false CNN label,” clarifies Twitter.

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It is not the first time that Twitter points to Trump content or tweets. In May, the social network concealed a tweet from Trump, alleging that he violated his rules by glorifying violence and also deactivated all interactions with it. Days before, the platform tagged two Trump tweets that criticized electoral voting by mail. On the labels, he posted the message “know the facts” inviting readers to read more about the topic from a variety of trusted sources.

The president signed an executive order on May 28 asking the government to review section 230 of the federal law known as the Communications Decency Act (CDA). The new order gives the Federal Trade Commission the responsibility to investigate all allegations of political fairness against social media in order to determine if its content moderation policies conflict with its neutrality promises. After signing the order, Trump was sued by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), which has the support of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, alleging that said executive order violates the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which protects freedom of expression.


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