Facebook has temporarily suspended hundreds of accounts of international anti-racism activists. The information was revealed in an article by OneZero, Medium’s profile specializing in technology, which received reports on the subject from members of the S.H.A.R.P. (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice), as well as ska and reggae communities.

The removal would be part of the expansion of measures to combat hate speech on the platform, which culminated in the removal of more than 200 profiles. Thus it is speculated that the constant mention of certain words, such as “skinhead”, in the acronym and discussions of these associations, would have motivated the changes.

Other members told OneZero that Facebook has requested to send official photos for identity verification to re-establish access. The company announced in May that it would adopt this practice when “non-authentic behavior” was suspected, such as fake accounts and content inappropriate for minors.

Contradictory action

A spokesman for Zuckerberg’s company told Engadget that the blockages occurred “by mistake” and had been fixed, although a clear justification has not been provided. “We are analyzing what happened in this case and taking steps to ensure that it does not happen again.” “We apologize to people,” added the representative.

The act drew the attention of the aggrieved and other activists, especially when they noticed a certain lack of Facebook attitude in denouncing profiles and neo-Nazi interactions. An example of this is that it would still be possible to find active pages of musical bands with this ideology on the social network.


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