Created by Facebook’s experimental app development team, NPE, the Hotline looks like a video version of Clubhouse. The hotline is currently in the testing phase.

Facebook has launched public beta testing for ‘Hotline’, its new web-based application that many might describe as a combination of Instagram Live and Clubhouse. Here content creators can talk to an audience in a live session that includes audio, video, and even text elements.

Twitter account is required instead of Facebook to login
Developed by the NPE Team, the experimental application development branch of the social media giant, Hotline is not yet available for smartphones, so it can only be accessed via the website. The website is asking users to log in with their Twitter account instead of their Facebook account to log in. After logging in, SMS verification is required.

Real estate investor Nick Huber was the first to publicly try the Hotline, which is still in the testing phase. Hosts have full control over each session and can remove listeners from the session and also remove questions. Unlike Clubhouse, streams are recorded as both audio and video files. The creators can then share the files on any platform of their choice.


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