Facebook, which has millions of users all over the world, is struggling with the lawsuits filed on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is getting into its storm. Facebook, which has not been off the agenda with its privacy policy recently, has now declared a war against Apple, the technology giant. So why has Facebook declared war on the Apple front?



Day by day, new details about Facebook continue to come up. Facebook, which has been among the social media channels for years and has millions of users, fell into the agenda like a bomb with a lawsuit scandal.


Behind the Scenes of Facebook Apple Case

According to the information we have obtained, Apple made some changes in the privacy settings of users with the iOS 14 update. With these changes, large companies such as Facebook and Google are having difficulty following iPhone users. Apple has released the iOS 14.4 update, citing vulnerabilities to some iPhone and iPad models. It also sent a notification to Apple users to install the new update as soon as possible.

With the changes made, iPhone and iPad owners have been given the opportunity to choose which information they can share and which applications they can use. In other words, users will now be able to learn which application wants which permission, and they will not share their information if they wish. This has already been used in the Android ecosystem for a long time. Let’s remind that too…

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Facebook also faced ad restrictions with this move made by Apple. Facebook, which cannot follow users, cannot show appropriate ads for them and it is losing revenue. Facebook has declared war on Apple, claiming that it is getting harder to compete.


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