Facebook Messenger will launch a new tool to protect messages with password and biometrics on iOS devices. With that, it will be necessary to use the fingerprint reader (Touch ID) or the facial recognition system (Face ID) to access the application content.

The security feature is still in the testing phase and has only been released for some iPhone users. However, Android users are expected to have access to the feature soon – which will work just like on WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal.

That is, once activated, the user will have to enter a password or use the biometrics of the cell phone to open the application. However, the notification contents will remain visible without authentication.

In addition, the feature will allow the user to configure whether access to Messenger will be prevented immediately, at the end of the application or after a certain period of time – with options between one minute and one hour.

“We want to give people more options and controls to protect their private messages, and we recently started testing a feature that allows you to unlock the Messenger app using your device’s settings,” Facebook said in a statement to Engadget this Friday. (12).


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