Facebook, which Apple has recently cornered by putting strict rules; begins its lobbying campaign. Zuckerberg wants Apple to suffer in return for his actions.

Facebook is highly criticized, especially for the privacy of personal data and the spread of manipulation news. However, Tim Cook, who expressed this in high pitch, became the target of the social network.

Zuckerberg gave instructions
The tension between Apple and Facebook actually goes back to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Tim Cook had stated that if he were the boss of Facebook at that time, he would not be in such a situation and that the social network was not sensitive to accessing personal data.

Recently, Tim Cook had criticized manipulation and conspiracy theories. With iOS 14, bringing data tags and connecting to the user’s permission was the last straw.

Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg met from time to time during the process, but no compromise was reached. Facebook criticized Apple a while ago for data usage, but it did not get any results.

Information from inside the company shows that Zuckerberg is very ambitious. The billionaire CEO, who once expressed that his employees had to make Apple suffer, also found Tim Cook’s statements dishonest.

Especially, the fact that data usage permissions will hurt advertising revenues makes Zuckerberg think in a black way. Facebook, which is a party to the lawsuit filed by Epic Games in recent months, has also started a major lobbying activity.

Zuckerberg is also running a campaign against Apple, meeting with key senators and competition board executives. The aim of this campaign is to take a step back from Apple and gain advantage especially in application contracts. However, Apple seems to tighten its rules even more.


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