According to a new statement made by Facebook recently, it is preparing to develop an artificial intelligence assistant that can interfere with heated discussions on Facebook.

According to a recent statement by Facebook management, Facebook will intervene in group and on-page discussions with the help of an artificial intelligence. Facebook, which has just started working, predicts that by doing this, it can help the 70 million people who moderate the groups. The number of active users of Facebook in the last month has now reached 2 billion 800 thousand. In this medium, which has countless groups and discussion areas, sometimes discussions can get out of hand. However, moderators may not be able to see every discussion. At this point, Facebook plans to introduce an artificial intelligence that can instantly intervene in discussions to provide a more sterile social media experience to its users.

We are now experiencing the sterilization process in this social media in many different media. Twitter, for example, suspended Trump’s account for two years earlier this year. On the other hand, we see that these channels are taking action against troll hunting and fake news from time to time. In fact, another good example of this is the button for those who want to learn more under the posts with Covid-19 content on Instagram. It is not known whether this cleaning will be good or bad in the long run. However, according to the results, these channels may change their policies again.


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