Facebook has recently started to argue that the Ad Tracking Transparency feature, which will come with iOS 14.5, is anti-competitive and has given ads to newspapers. However, Apple did not back down in this regard. Now, the social media giant has announced that it has found an interesting solution. Against the privacy policy of iOS 14.5, if users allow Facebook to track and track them, better ads will be served.



Probably, these ads are not advertising a beard razor to a woman. Therefore, it would be more logical for Facebook not to track your data. With the new feature that will come with iOS 14.5, the social media giant will not be able to track your movements on the sites and will not be able to collect this data. However, if you want to see much better “ads”, you will be able to turn this feature off.

Before showing this feature, which will come with iOS 14.5, to the user, a more detailed screen will be presented to the users in Facebook’s application. This screen will contain some information about supporting businesses that rely on advertisements. Later, the user will be able to activate this feature if he wishes, or request that he be watched for better advertising.

Social media giant has repeatedly argued that Apple’s new tracking feature will hurt small businesses. Privacy experts called these allegations ridiculous and suggested that Facebook was more concerned about the impact on its business.

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal found that less than 20 percent of iOS 14 users are more likely to accept Facebook’s tracking. This could affect the company’s core advertising business and result in a 7 percent lost revenue in the second quarter of 2021.


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