FaceTime is available on Android and Windows devices.  And the expected development is about to happen years later. We report the latest developments.


Apple also wants to include people who do not use any of their devices in its ecosystem. An important development in this direction took place at the currently ongoing Apple WWDC 2021 event. FaceTime is getting ready to offer Android and Windows support.

Apple will also pave the way for non-iOS users to join FaceTime calls directly from the browser in the future. This implicit statement by Apple showed an Android phone and a Windows laptop among compatible devices while speaking on FaceTime. The fact that the Android-based phone that Apple showed has an outdated design (notched, thick bezel and virtual buttons) did not escape our attention.

We’re used to having some of Apple’s services (like Apple Music) on the Android platform as apps, but FaceTime takes a different route. Still, bringing FaceTime calls to Android, even through a web browser, could be a milestone in the company’s strategy to date. It is too early to say whether this development will mean more Apple services gain Android compatibility.

We mentioned that the opening of FaceTime to other platforms could be a new era for Apple. When Steve Jobs first announced FaceTime in 2010, he stated that it would be a public service. But Apple has not gone beyond its borders in the past eleven years. Fortunately, this latest development fulfills Jobs’ wish to some extent.


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