AirPods News: Apple is in trouble with fake AirPods models. 360,000 fake models were caught in America. Details on the matter are here.


In the first half of 2021, United States Customs and Border Protection announced that it had confiscated approximately 360,000 counterfeit AirPods models. The total value of the confiscated products is approximately $62.2 million. It also highlights that US customs officials seized 295,000 counterfeit AirPods in the past year. As you can see, Apple is in trouble with cheap and fake models made in China.

Fake AirPods models harm Apple

AirPods is one of the most successful devices of the Cupertino-based company. It’s also pretty simple to copy. That’s why so many fake products are produced in China. US Customs and Border Protection is making a great effort for these counterfeit products that harm Apple. The Chinese, who even fake AirPods Pro models, have taken this business to the next level, indistinguishable from the real thing. Fortunately, the active noise canceling feature in the Pro model cannot be cloned for now.

In terms of price, the fact that these fake products are sold at less than half the price attracts the users a little. It is also among the information that 80 percent of counterfeit devices come to the USA from China. The US Customs and Border Protection Agency is expected to seize up to 600,000 counterfeit AirPods by the end of the year.

It seems difficult for now to prevent counterfeit products. These models, which are exactly the same in terms of appearance, differ from each other only with the technologies they contain. Let’s see if fake products targeting Apple will be a problem for other companies in the future.


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