An iPhone user lost 600 thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency due to the fake Bitcoin application he downloaded.

A fake Bitcoin app downloaded from the App Store by an iPhone user named Phillipe Christodoulou caused big trouble for him. The user decided to do a search to find a utility for Trezor, the company that makes the hardware wallet in which it stores its crypto. On the other hand, the app he found turned out to be a fake Trezor app with the company logo and background. Unfortunately, Christodoulou has put all his knowledge into practice. It is also reported that the company does not have any Trezor wallet application available and the application is not affiliated with the main company.

It is stated that Christodoulou, the scammers behind the application, stole 17.1 bitcoins worth $ 600,000 at the time and almost $ 1 million today. The user blames Apple for allowing the app to enter the App Store. It is also among the information that the application has a five-star rating. It is shared that Apple did not return on the issue of refund.

Apple is reviewing all submitted applications before they are approved. In this case, the application was presented under the name of Trezor and the company’s logo and colors were used. In the statement, the application is presented for cryptography to encrypt iPhone files and store passwords. After the application was accessed to the store, it was changed to a cryptocurrency wallet. Coinfirm is estimated that five people lost a total of $ 1.6 million on the iOS app due to the application, while fake Trezor apps on Android defrauded people worth $ 600,000. Apple says it removed the app on February 3 and banned the developer after the real Trezor reported it.


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