Popular crypto trader and analyst Lark Davis announced five altcoins that he believes will provide investors with a 100x return.


Here are those altcoins

In a new YouTube video, Davis tells his 206,000 followers that RAMP is his first choice, and the project is a decentralized finance (DeFi) that frees billions of dollars.

The second coin Davis is looking at is another DeFi project with a market value of $ 100 million. Davis says yield farming robot consultant APY.Finance (APY), which helps users channel their capital to the most lucrative opportunities in the field, could potentially translate into a billion-dollar market value in this bull cycle.

Davis believes that the project approaching the official product launch is set up to compete with yearn.finance (YFI). While the DeFi project has a long-term upswing, it has recently been struggling and investors may want to expect a better entry in the short term.



Next is Reef Finance (REEF), a Polkadot-based liquidity collector. At the time of writing, the project, which stands at a market value of $ 145 million, is ready to continue its rise.

The last two cryptocurrencies Davis proposed are the upcoming token sales, which he says could bring serious gains to early investors.

The first is Shadows, a synthetic asset trading, lending, issue and borrowing platform that will be launched on the Polkadot blockchain. Davis says the project is pursuing a market that “can be synthesized and brought to DeFi” with trillions of dollars in assets.

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Davis stated that entering the initial token sale for the project was expensive, but after the initial launch, Shadows will be open to trade on Uniswap.

The last project on Davis’ list is Polkamarkets (POLK). The project’s Twitter account had approximately 20,000 Twitter followers prior to its launch. The project will also present the highly anticipated gamified prediction market.


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