Popular trader, analyst and YouTuber Lark Davis continues to share cryptocurrencies that he sees bullish potential for his followers.

In his most recent video, he shared the top 5 altcoins he believes will earn 100 times or more.

Davis told that the cryptocurrency market has proven to its 208,000 subscribers that such gains are quite possible. “Ethereum increased 20,000%, Digibyte increased 65,000%, NEM 79,000%. Yes, that happened. ” used the expressions.

The first project mentioned by the analyst was RAMP DeFi, a liquid staking token. The project allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies in exchange for one dollar-indexed stablecoin. Users can then use the stablecoin to invest elsewhere, such as interest-earning accounts. The RAMP has already gained 500% in recent weeks, but Davis still believes it has great potential:

“The potential value to be captured here is billions of dollars.”

APY Finance ranks second in the watch list. The project is in the same area as Yearn Finance, currently one of the hottest projects with a market value of $ 1.6 billion. Davis first mentioned APY Finance in December and has gained 2,950% since then. He pointed out that there may be a cooling period due to this large increase, so investors should be careful.

The analyst also touched on two token sales that he believed would explode as soon as they were listed on Uniswap. First, Shadows, a synthetic asset trading, lending, issue and borrowing platform to be launched on the Polkadot blockchain. This area has become very popular in the recent past as it allows users to sell tokenized derivatives. Lark Davis states that the project is pursuing a market with trillions of dollars of assets “that can be synthesized and brought to DeFi.”

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Another token sale that Davis is waiting for is Polkamarkets, the DeFi prediction market. In addition to betting on events, NFT will have other features such as gamification and live streaming for major events. Polkamarkets is being launched on Polkastarter Launchpad, which has a history of launching rising projects in the market. Lark Davis adds that this is an important development.

The last crypto money followed by the trader is REEF Finance, another Polkadot-based project. Cryptocurrency provides access to both trading and centralized and decentralized exchanges. The analyst added the following regarding the coin:

“It also offers smart lending, smart borrowing, staking and mining, thanks to an AI-driven returns engine. Basically, it’s a truly amazing DeFi power under construction. It focuses on the right market at the right time. What’s interesting is that we don’t have any defi blue chips built in polkadot yet. Defi will have blue chips and reef may be one of them. ”


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