A closely watched analyst and trader, whose followers continue to grow amid solid altcoin calls, reveals a list of six crypto assets that he believes are ready to explode in value.



Those altcoins

In a new tweet, the trader, known in the industry as Kaleo, says he has long used the utility token Binance Coin (BNB) because he believes a breakout could potentially push the third largest crypto asset to $ 800 from the current price of $ 272.

Another coin on Kaleo’s radar is PancakeSwap (CAKE), an automated market maker targeting an all-time high of $ 21.41 (ATH).

Next up is the peer-to-peer file transfer token BitTorrent (BTT), a coin that the trader says could jump over 230% from its current price of $ 0.003 in the short term.

Fourth is the forgotten smart contract platform EOS.

EOS may be gearing up for a massive surge after establishing a local bottom, Kaleo explains.

The fifth token on Famous Trader’s list is the peer-to-peer data storage payments token, Siacoin (SC), which altcoin expects to make huge gains against Bitcoin (SC / BTC).

The latest cryptocurrency is Dent (DENT / USD), an international exchange for mobile data based on the Ethereum blockchain. The trader points out that it is only a matter of time before the crypto asset explodes.


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