Altcoins News: Cryptocurrency trader and YouTuber Tyler Swope calls three low-value altcoins, which he says is ready to explode in the midst of a market-wide crash.



3 Altcoins

In a new video, the crypto analyst says he is looking at 243,000 YouTube subscribers to RLC, the native token of decentralized cloud computing platform iExec. Swope says he’s seeing a new wave of altcoin hype on the horizon, and one of the coins that could rise is the RLC after its recent addition to a major crypto exchange.

Another altcoin that the cryptocurrency trader is expecting to rise is the native token of the corporate blockchain Unibright (UBT), which it says is already linked to the crypto exchange Coinbase.

“It’s going to be a pretty big month for Unibright. Like any other altcoin, this one experienced a nice increase during the run. But it didn’t go parabolic. There is no parabolic movement. I mean, this is a nice growth, but there is no parabolic movement yet. I think Unibright’s parabolic move will eventually come. “

Swope also emphasizes that Unibright’s native token does not require approval from a central exchange such as Binance.

“Decentralized stock markets will come. Unibright doesn’t need Binance. “

YouTuber adds that the decentralized exchange Polkaswap of the Polkadot (DOT) ecosystem is another altcoin on PSWAP’s radar.


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