Adam Back’s Tron comments drew reaction. Adam Back, whose claims about Satoshi Nakamoto in the past weeks and a video that has been proved to be proving this , have been reflected on the agenda with a very hard statement.

Back, both individually as well as serving as its CEO duties I Blockstrea as Bitcoin ‘s one of the most supportive person. In addition, for developers on GitHub, Blockstream is known to transfer serious funding and support independent developers. It is also known by the industry that Back is a complete Bitcoin maximalist.

Back received an interesting answer to one of his statements about Bitcoin on Twitter. Stating that Bitcoin is the most effective tool and method people can use for change at the moment, Back stated that the acceptance of BTC should increase.

One user claimed that Adam Back’s word was not at all, claiming that he “increased” Bitcoin acceptance by supporting TRX. In his reply to show that Back de Tron does not support, he stated that TRX is a shitcoin.

In fact, even Justin Sun admitted that Tron was shitcoin, and there seems to be nothing wrong with Back’s testimony..


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