Michael Saylor, founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, announces the BTC he has accumulated after he launched an unprecedented public Bitcoin buying spree.


The amount of Bitcoin received

In a new interview on the Funky Crypto Podcast, Saylor says he has purchased tens of thousands of Bitcoins through various affiliates.

“I purchased 88,000 Bitcoins through MicroStrategy or the organizations I control. I’ve never sold a Satoshi. ”

The total value of Saylor’s Bitcoins is worth $ 2.5 billion. In the interview, Saylor advocates a long-term retention strategy when asked if Bitcoin investors should take some profit now as the cryptocurrency continues to hit new record highs.

“I think the way you use Bitcoin is a long-term savings account. So if you like to gamble some of your money, speculate, and bet on things you’re passionate about, take that part of your money and invest in new ventures or invest in great things. Take another portion of your money that you want to save for the next 20 years or 30 years and put it in Bitcoin. Just leave it there and don’t get carried away by all the commutes …

If you sell it for $ 27,000 and then you wake up one morning and it goes up to $ 167,000… it goes up to $ 82,000… how will you feel when it reaches a million. When it reaches a million, will you brag that you bought it for $ 19k and sold it for $ 22k? Won’t you feel like a fool? ”

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Fluctuations will not repeat

Saylor also says he believes the fluctuation experienced in the first decade of Bitcoin will not be repeated going forward.

“In the first decade, Bitcoin was dominated by a group of traders with leverage on offshore exchanges, and they were speculators. This was a group of people. After March, this year you have insurance companies, companies, treasuries, institutional investors. They buy them for gold. They buy it to keep it as an inflation protection for ten years. They don’t use leverage, they don’t use offshore exchanges, they are not speculators.


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