One of the famous cryptocurrency analysts and Bitcoin maximalists, Tone Vays, unfortunately, was right in the Bitcoin prediction.

Tone Vays Knows: BTC Falls to $ 4,000
Vays drew the reaction of the cryptocurrency market, saying that Bitcoin will regress up to the $ 4,000 band in the estimation he made several months ago. While many analysts at that time thought that BTC would rise up to $ 20,000 in the coming months, Vays did not give up its $ 4,000 forecast and even made a claim about it.

Vays, who made a claim with Bitcoin investor and TV presenter Ran NeuNer, seems to have won the claim when looking at the latest market conditions. Although there is no danger of Coronavirus or global market collapse in the dates that Vays made this estimate, the fact that he predicted it now shows that Vays won a meal from Ran NeuNer.

While Tone Vays states that this is the “most expensive claim he has won”, he implies that he has also suffered. Nevertheless, BTC’s rising from the $ 4,000 band yesterday shows that things may be getting better.

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