American famous singer, songwriter Jason Derulo broke his tooth while trying to join a video stream in TikTok, one of the most popular social media apps of recent times.

30-year-old American singer Jason Derulo, who was followed by the music lovers with his hits, broke his front teeth while doing the corn challenge, which was recently tried by many TikTok users.

The famous singer, who tried the strange and so unnecessary challange, where the corn that he put on the tip of a drill was tried to be eaten while the drill was working, became one of his front teeth as a result of the drill moving faster than expected. The famous artist, who stopped the drill as soon as he realized that his teeth were broken, was unfortunately late to prevent this situation.

Another possibility is that the famous artist’s video, which was worried for him by his fans, may be a joke. Despite this, the lovers of the famous singer expressed their concerns about the beloved artist by sharing Derulo’s video.

Visual proving that Jeson Derulo trolls his followers
Come see; The famous singer, who was extremely successful in attracting attention on social media, joked as usual. All the teeth of Jason Derulo, who were viewed by journalists the next day, remained intact, so it turned out that Derulo trolled his followers.

Video by Jeson Derulo trolling his followers while trying the TikTok stream


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