Crypto trader Lark Davis said they will peak for 6 altcoins built on Ethereum and made a bullish emphasis.


Which altcoins

“These decentralized finance (DeFi) coins will be among the best coins during the bull run in terms of generating these high earnings while at the same time offering relatively safer games compared to smaller value cryptocurrencies in the market,” says Lark Davis.

The analyst’s first choice is Aave (AAVE), the lending and borrowing protocol, which he says has a total value of close to $ 3 billion currently locked on the platform and will grow further.

“This is just the beginning for Aave, as the technology behind Aave actually caters to a multi-trillion dollar market. However, Aave goes far beyond simple lending and borrowing services. It is also a pioneer in technology such as flash loans, recently launched a credit delegation. There are many other things in their plans. Aave even works to enter the mortgage market and can be used as collateral for tokenized mortgage loans. “

The second asset Davis is on the rise is Uniswap (UNI). Davis emphasizes that decentralized exchanges have a higher volume than Coinbase on some days, and projects can be launched extremely easily on these decentralized exchanges.

The next project on Davis’ list is Synthetix (SNX), a derivative liquidity protocol targeting the multi-trillion dollar derivatives market. Davis adds that a number of new projects are taking advantage of the Synthetix protocol, adding that he expects the project to remain a leader in its field for the foreseeable future with the upcoming updates of the project.

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Other coins

The fourth altcoin mentioned by Davis is Andre Cronje’s decentralized finance platform (YFI), which has evolved into a multi-purpose lending and insurance platform that allows token holders to receive some of the fees collected on the platform.

Davis’s fifth pick is liquidity provider Kyber Network (KNC) and Davis say it “helps connect the dots in DeFi.” Davis said that although Kyber owners warned that they had to have a large number of KNCs to make this feature valuable, they received some of the fees made on the platform. However, Davis says the token has a declining supply and provides some great tokenomics.

Finally, Davis calls the Maker (MKR) “the king of DeFi protocols”. “Maker is the number one DeFi protocol in terms of total value locked,” says Davis, who believes that with many new features in the plan, the asset can succeed in this cycle.

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