Cryptocurrency investor Lark Davis has announced six altcoins that it thinks have the potential to rise 100 times in the token (NFT) industry.



6 coins highlighted by the trader

Davis stated that he watched the coin Seascape (CWS) to 213,000 YouTube subscribers. While the project has already made huge gains this month, the crypto analyst expects the coin to continue to grow with the rising NFT craze.

Number two on Davis’ list is My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), a blockchain-based multiplayer game inspired by the popular Animal Crossing game.

Davis states that the basic approach here is not just a blockchain game, but the main goal is a game that brings the token to millions of people.

Davis emphasizes that ALICE will need to increase 100 times from its initial market value to catch up with Axie Infinity, the leading game protocol. According to Davis, the token has the potential to reach this level.

Another coin on Davis’ watchlist is Terra Virtua (TVK), who says the project is trying to create digital collections for popular movie franchises such as Legendary and Paramount. Additionally, the crypto influencer highlights the benefits of keeping TVK.

The fourth cryptocurrency on Davis’ radar is Ethernity Chain (ERN), a protocol specially designed for NFTs.

This project will allow printing of digital collections and collectible cards, according to Davis. It plans to attract the attention of aspiring artists. They actually work with people like Mad Dog Jones and BossLogic. In this context, they are looking for celebrities to join the platform.

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Number five comes Persistence, a protocol that leverages NFTs for enterprise use cases. The project tokenizes real-world assets and then brings them to the blockchain.

The last cryptocurrency on Davis’ list is Split, a protocol that uses the potential of NFTs in e-commerce.

Split works by assigning a unique NFT to each inventory item. Basically it functions as a standard stock holding unit number. However, it is supported by the latest NFT technology.

As a seller, you can take all the inventory you have and get a decentralized credit against the inventory in your warehouse. While you are waiting to sell your items, you can actually release this liquidity.

Davis points out that the game changers here are very exciting.


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