A crypto whale who quickly gained reputation in the industry after uncovering hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ERC20 tokens, now shares its forecast for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoin for 2021.


Bitcoin and Ethereum

The famous trader, known as 0x_b1, says he expects Bitcoin to recover significantly before the end of the year, while surpassing the $ 1 trillion market value.

As for Ethereum, the famous investor expects the second largest cryptocurrency to surpass its all-time high (ATH).

0x_b1 is also closely following the developing decentralized finance space. He stated that large financial institutions will deal with lending and borrowing platforms such as Compound (COMP).

Pay attention to these altcoins

He also tells his followers that leading return aggregators such as yearn.finance (YFI), yAxis (YAX) and Harvest Finance (FARM) will become mainstream and pave the way for retail investors to enter the DeFi world.

As for YF Link (YFL), the trader believes it has the potential to double its value this year due to the actions of Chainlink (LINK) co-founder Sergey Nazarov.

“Sergey Nazarov inherited a nonprofit Chainlink oracle for Linkswap to YFlinkio – a base of $ 1500 / YFL has been set.”

0x_b1 names two protocols it believes will have less than 2021, although it sees a number of DeFi projects performing well this year.

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