Austin Arnold, Altcoin Daily founder and crypto trader, is announcing a list of nine cryptocurrencies that he says have the potential to explode this year.


Top of the list

Ethereum (ETH) is the leading smart contract platform at the top of Arnold’s list.Highlights data from ViewBase showing that 2% of the Ethereum supply has just left the exchanges in a single day; This is a sign that investors are buying ETH and moving it to private wallets.

The next coins on Arnold’s radar are DeFi-focused coins. The crypto strategist says he’s looking at the peer-to-peer lending protocol Aave, the borrowing and lending platform Compound (COMP), and the stablecoin management token Maker (MKR) as the total value locked on DeFi over the past few months has risen.

Fifth is Ethereum rival Polkadot (DOT), whom Arnold says is currently on the rally.

“DOT is one of the hottest coins in this cycle. This is not a long-term hold, but in the short term, I expect Polkadot to continue to rise. ”



Sixth is Cream Finance (CREAM), the DApp for Compound-based lending and borrowing. Arnold points out that Cream has a new functionality that has the potential to be huge for DApp.

At number seven comes the yield aggregator Yearn.Finance (YFI). Arnold says YFI is starting to rise as he puts forth a new offer for token holders.

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The number eight token is the blockchain scalability platform Matic Network (MATIC), which Arnold says he included in the list but forgot why.

The last coin on Arnold’s list is Bitcoin. The crypto trader says BTC still offers a great buying opportunity for “life-changing wealth” at current prices.


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