Cryptocurrency trader and YouTuber Tyler Swope names three relatively undisputed altcoins that he believes will likely explode in the short term.


Those altcoins

Swope argues in a new video that it is the most established project in the segment, starting the list with Chainlink’s (LINK) node service provider LinkPool (LPL).

“LinkPool is the leading ChainLink node service provider. They run the longest running and professionally managed Chainlink nodes, they created Chainlink markets. ”

The LPL token was recently launched in March, but the trader stated that, unlike Chainlink, users can already have staking on LinkPool nodes.

Swope says the Alchemist Coin (MIST) is another project that has the potential to make significant gains in the next few months.

The non-exchangeable token (NFT) project, not yet listed on CoinGecko, may and will likely allow early adopters to receive a limited number of NFTs called crucibles when the governance offer is officially passed. Swope points out that these early release NFTs could bring great value to their owners in the future as the protocol grows.

The cryptocurrency trader and influencer is introducing the application programming interface (API) for decentralized infrastructure, Pocket Network (POKT) as the third uncertain altcoin whose price could rise significantly.

While the project has not yet been added to Ethereum (ETH) or CoinGecko, according to Swope, the use of Pocket Network has grown substantially, pointing to enormous growth potential since its release.


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