Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong highlighted a GEM coin with the potential to make a significant rise in the field.


What coin?

In a new video, Armstrong draws attention to Ecomi (OMI), a project that he believes will grow immensely with the increase in demand for NFTs, unique assets that use crypto technology to provide certificates of ownership primarily in digital and real-world assets.

It is the native token of the NFT collection platform VeVe, which has formed impressive partnerships with some major brands such as OMI, Warner Bros., Capcom and DC. Armstrong notes that Alfred R. Kahn, global licensing manager for Ecomi, has created a licensing industry giant that can acquire the coveted digital product rights.

He helped brand and license Kahn Nintendo, Mario Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong, James Bond, and the World Wrestling Federation.

Armstrong says that although Ecomi has not yet announced a formal partnership with these brands, Kahn is likely to be responsible for licensing.

“So if only some of these brands join the NFT madness, the Ecomi and VeVe implementation will be successful. Ecomi seems to have cornered the leading brand NFT space, similar to Enjin (ENJ) owning the game scene.

“The sheer size of blockchain technology will disrupt the collections industry by providing licensed brands with another platform to sell and protect their digital IP,” said Alfred Kahn. Ecomi will set the standard in this area, ”he says.

OMI is currently trading around $ 0.008 and has a market value of $ 1.4 billion. The asset increased by around 30,000% a year, according to CoinGecko.


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