Crypto influencer and trader Elliot Wainman reveals the names of an elite group of altcoins preparing to become parabolic.



Those Altcoins

In a new strategy session, Wainman tells 228,000 YouTube subscribers that he believes Mainframe (MFT) is the next Aave.

“Mainframe is essentially a protocol for borrowing and issuing at a fixed rate. This is a big deal. That’s why I like MPH because fixed rate lending is the most attractive form of lending… I think it’s the big, big money bond market, fixed rate interest market. These are going to be huge financial products. ”

The next coin on Wainman’s radar is the Rari Governance Token (RGT), which he calls “baby YFI (”.

“They say you can get autonomous returns and Rari Capital aims to provide the best yield. It’s the same concepts we saw in YFI, but with a little more nuance. They focus on sustainable efficiency. ”


Passionate project

The crypto analyst monitors the PAID Network (PAID) closely as he personally invests in the project.

“They are really passionate about smart contracts to optimize their workflows. I definitely see some ways in which it can be really useful if accepted. ”

Another coin Wainman holds is Yield Optimization Platform & Protocol (YOP). While the coin has grown tremendously in the past few days, the crypto trader notes that a move above $ 1.50 will mean more bullishness.

Wainman is also on the rise at Bridge Mutual (BMI). He says he is targeting $ 100 for the Polkadot-based decentralized insurance project and represents a growth of 2.477% from the current price of $ 3.88.

The sixth coin on Wainman’s list is the prediction market protocol Prosper (PROS). The crypto trader believes PROS has more potential due to its small market cap of about $ 8 million compared to the valuation of $ 124 million forecast market leader Augur (REP).

The latest coin Wainman says has parabolic potential is the Akash Network (AKT), a protocol aimed at disrupting the cloud computing industry.


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