Korean netizens recently compared the marriage announcements of two SM Entertainment idols, Chen EXO and Changmin TVXQ.

“Changmin is really … It was a strongly written letter, his handwriting and the way he divided the paragraphs, he really tried hard when writing the letter,”

“Changmin: Slowly but surely and firmly. Chen: * cross out * finished. ”

“Letters like that make fans want to congratulate him. I’m really very jealous, ”

“Prospective wife is not a handyman seeking attention. Normal marriage process. Always working hard. Writing a perfect letter, he writes what happened until now, what he will do from now on, and answers all the fans’ doubts in one letter. This is how a standard K-Pop idol marriage procedure should be, ”

“Please don’t compare the two of them. I am an EXO-L and I feel guilty about Changmin. Chen seemed to be in a hurry to write his letter before the wedding reception. Please don’t compare them, “and various other comments.


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