Aquaman 2 News; NOT SO GOOD NEWS



We recently learned a lot of news about Aquaman 2, such as that it will be called ‘Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom’, that director James Wan will return and that Amber Heard would not only return but could also become one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood thanks to his salary in the sequel.

Now, several fans threaten on social networks to boycott the film. The reason for these threats is that they do not want Amber Heard to be part of the film due to her scandals with her ex-husband, the actor, Johnny Depp.


Amber Heard has been in several scandals with her ex-husband for some years now due to alleged mistreatment from both parties. In 2018, Johnny Depp sued The Sun newspaper for having published an article accusing him of a “wife beater”, however, Johnny lost the case.

After the verdict was known, Depp fans started a petition on asking that Amber Heard not be part of the Aquaman sequel. In the petition they argued that she too was exposed in abuse cases against Depp and that it was also unfair for Warner to ‘glamorize’ a domestic abuser.

However, all these scandals failed to keep Amber away from her role as Mera. Warner reportedly did try to pull her out of the sequel, but the actress had the support of Jason Momoa and James Wan. Also, the news that she was staying made Depp’s fans furious again, as he was fired from his role as Grindelwald in “Fantastic Beasts” due to the scandals.


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