Deckard Shaw appeared as a hero in the Fast and Furious spin-off, when he is still believed to be guilty of Han’s death!

Whether or not fans have to wait until 2021 to find Dom ‘and his team in Fast and Furious 9, we are not going to stop offering them theories about the film! The waiting time before finding the famous racing drivers on the big screen allows us to think in detail about the potential revelations of the plot. For example, the return of Han Lue (Sung Kang) when he was supposed to have died from Tokyo Drift is far too intriguing for us to try to unravel this mystery! Some say that he was able to escape death by getting out of the car in time, others say that his twin or clone will be playing in Fast 9, or that it is now about a cyber-genetic version of the character …

Theories that explain its unexpected comeback abound on the Internet, but there is one point that has not yet been addressed. Will Han’s return explain why Deckard became “nice” in the franchise’s spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw? While in the main saga, the latter is seen as a bad guy from a family of criminals, the derivative film presents it to us in a different light. Even if he remains a disreputable guy, the character of Jason Statham appears more sympathetic, trustworthy, and ready to risk his life for a cause which is just .. Certainly, the former British soldier engages on the side of nice because his sister Hattie is in danger, but this stubborn guy is far from the cold killer we knew.

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A change of personality in contradiction with his unsavory actions in episodes 7 and 8 of the franchise! In Hobbs & Shaw, Deckard is content to mention Han’s death in a single sentence: “There are things I have done and for which I must redeem myself”. According to Chris Morgan, “This line was specifically written and put there to let everyone know he’s talking about Han – it’s in his head. It tortures him, and he’s going to deal with it.” But other than that, we don’t learn why the old villain is now one of the good guys, even though he is still considered to be Han’s murderer! Fortunately, his return should be accompanied by explanations of how this apparent murder transformed him.

The predominant place of Deckard Shaw in the franchise will not be accepted by fans until they know his exact role in the assassination attempt on Han. It is time to find out if the mercenary is guilty, especially if he is back only to explain the fact that the former villain has become a “nice guy”. Unless he helped Dominic Toretto’s friend disappear into the wild. Thanks to the clarifications that we will not fail to obtain in the next film of the saga, we will finally be able to allow ourselves to love the character of Jason Statham without feeling responsible towards Han! Unless the Dom ‘clan confronts Shaw’s Captain America Civil War in Fast and Furious 10 …


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