After Apple, Samsung has also set its sights on LG stores. Samsung wants to sell Galaxy phones in LG stores.


LG, once one of the top three brands in the smartphone world, recently announced its withdrawal from the mobile market. Although LG has emerged in the smartphone ecosystem, a huge company continues to exist in many electronic gadget categories. In addition, LG only has 400 stores in South Korea. Of course, this situation whets the appetite of other manufacturers, which were once LG’s competitors. After Apple, Samsung has also set its sights on LG stores.

In accordance with the agreement between Apple and LG, sales of certain Apple products, including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, will begin on August 1 at LG stores in South Korea. This situation will have frightened Samsung so much that it is now starting a similar initiative itself.

Samsung Wants to Sell Phones in LG Stores

Apple’s partnership with LG will bring Apple, which is already strong in South Korea, to a more ambitious point. Not wanting to lose South Korea, one of the most important 5G markets in the world, to its arch-rival, Samsung aims to sell phones, tablets and some other ecosystem products in LG stores at the request of the three big South Korean operators.

Some sources close to the company think that LG will not accept Samsung’s request, although the request came from the country’s three largest operators. Again, the National Mobile Telecommunications Distribution Association in the country does not take kindly to this development. As a result of this situation, it is feared that the sales of small and medium-sized distribution networks will decrease.

In addition to all these developments, there are those within Samsung who oppose this development. Samsung Digital Plaza, Samsung’s own retail network, accounts for about a third of its sales from smartphones. Digital Plaza sales could therefore take a hit if Galaxy phones are sold through LG Best Shops.


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