The technical details of the M1X processor, which technology giant Apple is preparing to release as the successor of the M1 model, have been leaked. In addition, the company continues to work on new processors.

Details about the Apple M1’s successor M1X chip have surfaced on a benchmark site. However, it is possible that the technical characteristics of the chip were created not as a result of a test, but based on the information leaked from inside.

Apple’s M1X chip is said to be a 12-core Apple Silicon CPU. If we compare it with the M1, it is stated that the new chipset will have 12 cores instead of 8, and the internal GPU will have 16 cores instead of the 8-core GPU in the M1.

The data was seen on the comparison site called CPU Monkey. Therefore, it is very difficult to specify whether these features are correct or not. Therefore, it would be more logical to take the leak as an estimate rather than a true leak of the next generation Mac chipset.

Apple is also working on new processors
The specifications seem in line with what Apple will release this year. Because “M1X” will be a 3.2GHz chip based on a 5 nanometer manufacturing process. If the predictions are correct, the actual upgrade seems to be graphics oriented. It has been shown that the M1X can have a 16-core GPU with a maximum memory of 16GB. The chip can have 256 execution units instead of 128 on the M1 and can run three displays instead of two.

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Apple’s new platform is expected to be used in the upcoming 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch iMac. The sources also point out that Apple is working on other processors with 16- and 32-core GPUs.


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