Binance Coin (BNB)
For BNB, which broke its record last week, the decline was up to $ 185, but the altcoin recovery was valid for the asset. For Binance coin, daily data still acts like a closed box for bullishness.

According to the latest news, BNB, which has been the third in the market value ranking for a while, lost its place to Cardano (ADA). Currently, BNB is in 4th place with a market value of $ 35 billion and Cardano (ADA) of $ 44 billion.

The presence of low volatility effect seen in daily data provides a horizontal movement. Although the asset, which has been supported at $ 223.08 just below this level, has been supporting the 50-SMA for a while, some data show declining criticism.

The asset, which rose to $ 237 during the day, returned to the correction point area of ​​3.382 and 0.618. Its tightness in this area brings the possibility of expansion in Bollinger bands in the near future, but the possibility of retraction towards the retracement point should be considered. The fact that the full correction is not completed indicates that the price should decline for a while. A drop to $ 219 will make the movement direction of the price more pronounced.

RSI data is below the 50 band and stochastic RSI data is seen at the oversold point. MACD data is also in the negative zone. Although hourly and 4-hour data show an upward trend in places, the daily close is more pessimistic.

The possibility of a downward movement in the short term should be considered and this price could reach up to $ 214. This situation is necessary for speeding up recovery. In a different response, if the Bollinger expansion pushes the trend up, it will need to break the $ 237 resistance. Support on the resistance could push the price upwards to $ 253.

Dogecoin (DOGE)
An ongoing bearish triangle area for DOGE was replaced by the $ 0.052 and $ 0.048 bands for a while. The asset is currently in the $ 0.050 band and under the $ 0.0539 support point it lost, in the risk zone.

He still feels the risk of decline in the region of volatility he is in. It seems far from the signals of seizing the opportunity to see an upward trend for a while. The RSI data is below the 50 band, which is not sufficient for the trend, and the MACD is still tracking sideways movement in the negative territory. Stochastic data has moved away from the oversold point but is still not bullish, it is located at the 25 level. One of the biggest problems is still hidden in the lack of demand. OBV and CMF also prove the inadequacy of demand and equilibrium transaction volumes with their negative movement.

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This move reveals the risk of retreat to the $ 0.043 point below the support point. If the asset cannot exceed the level of 0.0539, the risk of a decrease will also increase.

Stellar (XLM)
Stellar (XLM) abstained between bullish and bearish, and had a bullish break through the bearish channel at noon. The asset, which has seen the possibility of falling to $ 0.20 in the last few days, is now at the level of $ 0.44 and bullish continuity signals are increasing.

Continuing its attempts to test the $ 0.44 resistance point during the day, XLM experienced some retracement and corrected to $ 0.42. It continues its attempts to break $ 0.44 again in recent hours and there are positive indicators in the data.

Candles formed several positive bars on the 4-hour charts. The decline in equilibrium volume, which has been effective for some time, was replaced by an increase with the CMF. In addition, RSI data is at the point of overbought. While stochastic data show the highest level of overtake, RSI data is in the 60 band. In the MACD data, it has been in the negative zone for a while, but is trying to move above the neutral level in an upward trend.

The success of this bullish move requires support at $ 0.44 and above for the time being. For XLM backed, the opportunity to move to $ 0.52 in the short term is near. Conversely, a rejection could lead to the $ 0.398 support point seeking support above the moving average.


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