Fiat President Olivier François defined the new generation of the electric 500 as the “urban Tesla” of the Italian automaker. The statement was made in an interview with AutoExpress magazine, published last week. In the conversation, the executive also revealed that the car is not a simple adaptation of the conventional version, being a totally new platform.

He did not elaborate on what he meant when making the comparison, but one possibility is that he is referring to the fact that many people buy a Tesla car just because of the status of Elon Musk’s company and not because of the technical specifications of the vehicle.

Thus, the head of the brand believes that people would also buy the new Fiat 500 electric for the symbolism represented, bringing the reinterpretation of a classic model of the Italian automaker. In another part of the interview, François even emphasizes that the appeal of the car’s urban design will win over even the most resistant customers to electric mobility.

“The 500e has that power to attract new buyers from anywhere. I mean, people go from a Range Rover to a 500. They just want it a lot, because it’s really cool. So, we thought that due to this attraction power, we really had a duty to use it to attract people to electricity, ”he told the British publication.

Special launch edition
The electric version of the Fiat 500 was unveiled in March. At the moment, only the special launch edition is in pre-sale, for 37,500 euros.

Equipped with a 118 hp electric motor, the 500e has a range of 320 km. His 42 kWh battery is recharged in 14 hours, if plugged into the home outlet. If an 85 kW fast charger is used, it reaches 80% of the charge in just 35 minutes.


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