FIFA 22 News: And they didn’t catch just any celebrity, it’s a former Arsenal star


Just as the first details about the game mechanics that FIFA 22 will offer were revealed, an interesting adjustment was also announced in the theme of the narration and the comments that accompany the football experience of this title.

The first thing you should know is that the former star of Arsenal and the English team, Alex Scott, will be part of the narrative within FIFA 22. This was revealed by EA Sports with everything and some comments from the former footballer.

‘Representation is crucial and the inclusion of an English-speaking commentator at FIFA is a change. The impact she will have is simply stratospheric. This is a great moment for me personally and professionally, ” Alex Scott said in an EA press release.

‘It is an honor to be a part of the institution of the FIFA game, along with some of my brilliant fellow presenters. While I am the first English-speaking female announcer to appear, I certainly will not be the last, ‘added the former Arsenal right-back. “I know this is just the beginning of more female soccer representation from EA SPORTS and the soccer community as a whole.”


What will be the role of Alex Scott in FIFA 22?

It is worth saying that Alex Scott will have an interesting role within FIFA 22 as she will be the one to comment on the goals of other matches throughout the narrative. This means that, if you are in a league, you will find out from it if your opponent scored in their match.

It is very likely that she also has another kind of partition within FIFA 22, but, that will eventually be revealed by EA Sports at a later date. What is a fact is that the addition of this former footballer adds variety to the playing experience.

What remains to be seen is what will happen with the other narratives, for example, will Mario Alberto Kempes and Eduardo Palomo continue in this game now that the rights of the Champions have passed to HBO Max? Will they no longer be? We will know that in the not too distant future.


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