Massimo, Christian and Hardin are not romantic and caring men, and therein lies the problem!

If you missed the Netflix 365 DNI phenomenon, on which we still have a lot of questions, it is that you necessarily live in a cave in the depths of the Dordogne! This Italian-Polish erotic thriller, present in the top 10 most viewed programs on the streaming platform since its broadcast, unleashed passions among subscribers. These quickly split into two groups: on the one hand, we have the aficionados of the couple Massimo (Michele Morrone) & Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka). On the other side, his detractors, who accuse the characters of praising the Stockholm syndrome. Many were indignant at the fact that the plot gives a romantic aspect to someone who is absolutely not, a.k. has an assassin doubled with a kidnapper!

However, it is far from the first time that the male character of a hot film is perceived as problematic. Before 365 DNI, there was Fifty Shades of Gray, After … And the cinema release of Monsieur, the adaptation of the other novel by E.L. James, will undoubtedly suffer from the same problem! But what exactly does this one consist of? With what adjectives can we describe these men who create so much controversy with spectators? “Abusive” comes back regularly, just like “dominant”, “powerful”, “sexy”, “virile” … Characteristics that we regularly find in the most caliente fan fictions. These fantasies of “strong” male characters have the distinction of offering the object of their desire a feeling of sexual freedom, while taking control of their lives.

These fictitious men are malicious, but their impulses of domination allow their lover to let go sexually, since they deprive them of their independence, while allowing them to be purely carnal. They convey the fact that being rich is a privilege to allow yourself any aggressive action without the risk of being punished in return. Admittedly, these films act above all as a kind of erotic dreams about power relations, an unbridled libido and very beautiful people. But some spectators associate them with ideals, while the actions of male characters and what they inflict on their partners is necessarily painful and unhealthy!

The heroines of these hot films are like victims of domestic violence, yet because their spouses are sexy, everything is forgiven them. However, whether Christian Gray or Massimo, they dominate their partners without limits, force them, mistreat them … Unacceptable behavior! Their way of thinking can be summed up as “My fortune allows me to have the woman I want, and nothing will prevent me from having her and doing what I like”. You will notice that at no time do they obtain verbal consent for their “conquest”. In short, these male characters are anything but romantic, and that is the problem! They perpetuate the culture of rape and make it acceptable, even cool for the youngest.


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