Apple’s new headband headphones will have a very different design than conventional AirPods.

After several years waiting for the successors of its revolutionary AirPods headphones -and then to release up to 2 new models in the same year 2019-, Apple seems to have taken a liking to this sound market and has decided to continue, although expanding the catalog. No new ‘on ear’ or in-ear earbuds, no. Apple is going straight for the Beats & Co. headband helmet competition with its new AirPods.

AirPods Studio
Almost a month ago, the news came out that Apple is developing a new model of high-end headphones but with the classic ear over ear ’or headband design, those large helmets that cover the ears. And they would also be headphones with a modular design, which means that they will have mobile and interchangeable parts and pieces, either for pure aesthetics or to improve the functions of the device.

According to the source, those from Cupertino are working on two models:

– Helmets made of leather materials

– A version of the same Fitness helmets, made with light and breathable micro-perforated materials

The prototypes have a “retro oval design with a headband connected by thin metal arms”, and the modular element can be seen in the part that goes over the ears, which is attached to the body of the helmets by magnets, so it can be removed and put back on easily. This leads us to think that by buying a couple of accessories apart, we could have helmets adapted to Fitness for exercise, and then, changing the part of the pads, customize them in the Premium leather model.

Name and Price
But how much will these headband headphones be worth? Well as always happens, until Apple does not officially announce it, we do not know with 100% security, but according to the expert in Apple leaks, Jon Prosser, the Apple AirPods Studio will be priced at $ 349, about 322 euros in exchange . And that name that we have said is the definitive one according to Prosser: Apple AirPods Studio, which during its production process have had the code name ‘B515’.

Looking clearly for the market that other brands and models such as the Sony or Beats headphones dominate, the AirPods Studio would have the same price as currently the Beats Studio3 Wireless headband.

AirPod and Siri
Of course these are Apple helmets, so they are technologically advanced. In fact they will mount several of the technologies that the AirPods Pro have, including a similar system of pairing with devices and noise cancellation. And of course there will be no lack of support to use the Siri assistant in addition to physical touch controls.

In development apparently since 2018, the launch of Apple’s headband headphones would have been delayed up to 2 times. And the company planned to show them later this year, but those plans would have been altered by the Coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps in your WWDC 2020 event, already officially confirmed and that it will be online non-presential?


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