Apple is transitioning its professional video editing software Final Cut Pro by subscription.It was stated that Apple identified class 42 IDs for the Final Cut Pro trademark in Europe on Monday, according to information shared by Patently Apple.

Class 42 identification is usually given to software or platforms that provide continuous service. For example, Microsoft Office 365, which offers services with monthly and annual subscription systems, also has a class 42 ID. This brings to mind the question of whether Final Cut Pro can be switched to the subscription model.

Final Cut Pro is currently priced at $ 2,799 and is commonly used by professional videographers, YouTubers, and content creators. Converting the price and payment model to a monthly or annual subscription can potentially make the software reach a much wider audience of users. Also, if Apple plans to use the subscription system, it will likely add different innovations to the software. These innovations are, for example, special training videos for users who subscribe to Final Cut Pro, practical information that teaches the tricks of the software, etc. There may be content such as.

There is no official information yet on whether Apple will implement this decision, but the update of the brand class ID is a great proof that subscription will be offered. We will see how successful Final Cut Pro will be in this regard in the future.


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