The Nintendo GameCube classic will return on August 27 with a revamped version, available on PS4, Switch and mobile.

There is still more than a month for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered to hit the market, but Square Enix has just announced an important news to keep in mind: anyone who wants to try it can do so through a demo (Lite version), which will be available when the game makes an appearance in stores. The demo will have crossplay functions and will maintain the cooperative function of the one it boasts. In addition, we can play the first three dungeons completely free.

The most surprising thing is that if a friend has the full version, a user who has downloaded only the demo will have the possibility to enjoy the 13 dungeons in cooperative mode. Square Enix has accompanied the announcement with a new trailer, which you can see in the tweet that we publish below these lines. The clip shows the new graphics, but also serves as an introduction to the combat system and the various options offered by the title.

Ahead of his time

The original game, which was marketed on the Nintendo GameCube, was also highly focused on cooperative mode. However, in those days, playing it with friends was not so easy. It was not enough to have multiple controls on the console, you needed the cable to connect the Game Boy Advance as a controller. This playable innovation, perhaps the germ of what was Wii U in its day, was an unaffordable option for most pockets.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered has not been easy. Square Enix has been forced to delay it on several occasions, but a definitive date has finally been provided: August 27 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices (both iOS and Android). Last month, the Japanese company already reported a demo, although official details have just been released in western territories.


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