It is claimed that Final Fantasy XVI, one of the most popular game series in the game world, can be announced within 1 week. It was also revealed that Square Enix will announce another brand new game.

Several rumors have begun to appear this week about Sony’s new generation console, PlayStation 5. One of these rumors was that Final Fantasy XVI will be announced during the launch of the console.

The first rumors about Final Fantasy XVI also appeared this week at 4chan. According to an anonymous post, Square Enix studio will announce several new games during the Summer Game Fest. Among the new games to be announced by the studio are the new game of the Final Fantasy series and a game called Crimson Arbitrium – Agni’s Anthology.

Final Fantasy XVI and Crimson Arbitrium

According to rumors, Final Fantasy XVI will combine Final Fantasy XV and Dark Souls concepts in the fighting system. The game will have the “Steampunk” aesthetics, which is the sub-genre of retro-futuristic sci-fi and emerged under the influence of the industrial revolution, and will bring the business system back to the series.

The Crimson Arbitrium will be the action JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) genre. The fighting system will be with spells and the environment can be interacted in the game. According to the source that revealed this information, the game was inspired by The 4 Heroes Of Light and Parasite Eve games.

A Reddit user, on the other hand, said that Ben En Taylor, technical manager of Square Enix, blended the tweet and said the games will be announced during the PlayStation 5 live broadcast. In a tweet that she deleted later, Taylor asked the players to wait for the event. PlayStation 5 will be broadcast on Twitch and YouTube on Thursday, June 4……


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