Konosuba News: Great news from Kadokawa


We have very good news for fans of the adventures of Megumin, Aqua and Darkness. It was recently confirmed that we may be waiting for a new anime adaptation of Konosuba, the popular creation of the magaka, Natsume Akatsuki.

The information was given during a special presentation to celebrate the opening of the new museum by Kadokawa, one of the largest publishers in Japan. Since the company is the owner and publisher of Konosuba, they took the opportunity to show an illustration of the characters that also indicates the arrival of a new animation.

A new adventure for the characters of Konosuba

In the image shared by their official twitter, we can see the protagonists Kazuma Sato, Megumin, Aqua and Darkness, who seem to be resting in a small kiosk surrounded by a beautiful mountainous landscape. Kadokawa invited Konosuba fans to be on the lookout for more news on this new adaptation.

Outside of the image, they did not give more details, such as a possible release date. In addition, they only indicated that it was a new animation, so it is not clear if it will be a new anime or a new movie about the magical travels of these characters.

For those who do not know Konosuba. This manga and anime follows the story of Kazuma Sato, who after dying, is transported to a world that is similar to an MMOJRPG game, where he forms a dysfunctional team with a goddess, a magician, and a warrior. The quartet embarks on an adventure filled with magic and monsters to defeat the Demon King.

The series is quite popular and for the same reason it generated animes, movies and even video games. Since 2017, Konosuba has not had an anime series adaptation, but it did have a movie that premiered in late 2019. This does not suggest that the new project will actually be a third season of its animated series. Are you excited about this news?


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